Smog Check for Older Vehicles – 1999 and Older

Smog check for 1999 models and older

Do you have an Older Vehicle – 1999 or older?

If so, bring your vehicle to Roseville Autosmog where we have the special equipment required to meet the mandated California Smog Test for vehicles 1999 and older. 

Our Roseville location tests not only all passenger cars, mini vans, and trucks, we also can also smog check your 1999 or older vehicle.

Serving the Placer and Sacramento County area.

How is the smog test different for 1999 and older vehicles?

1999 model year and older vehicles, and others requiring the BAR-97 (ASM) inspection. The test takes longer than a standard smog test, typically 30 mins plus account administrative duties which the technician might need to perform.
California’s smog check procedure requires all 1999 & older vehicles undergo a tailpipe emissions inspection to measure harmful pollutant output from the tailpipe, a visual inspection for present and properly installed emissions components, a functional test to ensure the proper operation of various emission components; and as part of the functional test, an OBD II computer diagnostic check.

Benefits of getting your older vehicle tested at our STAR Certified Test-Only station

Auto Smog Roseville can handle any year, size, make, or model vehicle for smog check. We do ask that our customers with older vehicles call ahead and schedule an appointment as some models can take considerable time and can substantially increase wait times for you and that of others.

What do I do if my vehicle fails the smog test? 

Your smog check is a requirement by the DMV for vehicle registration in the State of California. If your vehicle fails the smog check you can repair the faulty components. Your DMV registration can’t be renewed if your smog check fails. Here are a list of a few car mechanics near us that you can go to to get your vehicle fixed in order for it to pass the Smog test.

Sacramento Smog Test and Repair

Getting a smog check done for your 1999 or older vehicle can become a complicated process, but here at Auto Smog Roseville, we make it easy for you to get your Smog Check done. For further inquiries, contact us, or stop by our station.

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TWO Locations to Serve your Smog check needs !

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